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About Us

Our family moved to Charlevoix in March of 1975 from south central Pennsylvania. My husband and I grew up in the heart of Amish country with quilts all around us. The opening of Hearts To Holly is a realization of several dreams – a dream to open a shop, a dream to share a common interest with our daughters and a dream to share our love of quilting with others.

Our daughters began quilting much before I did and gave us their beautiful quilts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. After some time, they said – “okay Mom, it’s time you started quilting!” And, as most quilters know, once you create a quilt, you are hooked. The sense of satisfaction you get from beginning (selecting the beautiful fabric) to end (binding the finished product) is just that – totally satisfying!

People have asked what our name – “Hearts To Holly” – means, or they want to know where we got it. Hearts To Holly simply means that we have something for all seasons – from Valentines (Hearts) to Christmas (Holly) – something for the entire year.

Our goal at Hearts To Holly is to provide a place where quilters and “wanna be” quilters can visit often, feel welcome and always be greeted with a smile! When people open our door, we want them to smile and when they leave our shop we hope they have an even bigger smile.